Economic liberalism, globalization, rising living standards and the development of tourism have contributed for the last two centuries to increase the volume of transport of goods and passengers. The transport sector is the only human activity emitting greenhouse gases, the growth of which continues to increase steadily. Whether directly or indirectly, our choices of transport modes have a significant impact on the environment and the development of our societies. This is particularly the case on vacation when we are particularly prone to travel and discover new horizons.

How to get involved in a virtuous process? Where do you start to reduce the impact of your consumption of goods? These are the questions that the ECHO-Tourism MOOC on the “Waste” theme seeks to provide answers. Every gesture counts to change our current behavior towards more sustainable lifestyles. None of our choices are trivial. This MOOC presents solutions and knowledges to acquire a global vision of what can be undertaken by a tourist establishment to support tourists towards more responsible approaches. You will find practical and theoretical content on:

  • The evolution of modes of transport through the ages
  • The future of the automobile as a means of locomotion
  • Alternatives solutions to the use of personal vehicles
  • We hope that these tips could accompany your current approaches to waste treatment.