Under European law, waste is considered to be: “any substance or object which the holder gets rid of or is required to dispose of by virtue of the national provisions in force”. Today, a large part of the goods that we use or consume on a daily basis are doomed to end their life as “waste”. Whether directly or indirectly, we produce waste in the course of our activities, especially on vacation when our habits are upset

How to get involved in a virtuous process? Where do you start to reduce the impact of your consumption of goods? These are the questions that the ECHO-Tourism MOOC on the “Waste” theme seeks to provide answers. Every gesture counts to change our current behavior towards more sustainable lifestyles. None of our choices are trivial. This MOOC presents practical solutions and knowledge to acquire a global vision of the steps that can be taken in a tourist establishment. There you will find content on how to:

  • optimize the sorting and recycling of waste
  • avoid producing waste
  • learn to reduce your waste production by adapting your consumption practices
  • switch to reuse and switch to alternative solutions to give a second life to goods destined to become waste.
  • We hope that these tips could accompany your current approaches to waste treatment.