Water is the basis of all life forms and ecosystems but also of human society and its activities. Circulation of water in nature is a process of planetary proportions.

The world’s freshwater resources are limited, and only a small fraction of those resources is accessible for human use and for ecosystems. Water has a central place in economy, it enables food production, survival of flora and fauna, navigation, purification processes and it serves for energy production. Our understanding of today’s climate conditions and consequences of future climate changes, while considering population and economic growth, suggests that water resources will be even more important in the future. Planet Earth’s resources are defined and vulnerable and this will have a decisive influence in the future development of human society.

Although the amount of available drinking water in the world is constant, the use of water for human needs is rapidly increasing. Water quality and its availability is rapidly being reduced by pollution, overexploitation, physical changes in aquatic habitats and climate change. It is high time for people to become more involved in water protection. The campaign shows how man’s rational use of water can help reduce the floods, droughts, scarcity of resources and pollution, and thus contribute to mitigation of climate change and overall quality of life on our planet.